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Brass Grooves Intermediate.jpg
Brass Grooves Intermediate 
10 Compositions
Grade 2-3
Set Price $75.00

Includes CD and Score, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Drums, and Trombone/Baritone/ Trumpet 3 substitute for Horn

BRASS GROOVES is a two volume set of original charts by Dallas Brass composers John Wasson and John Schuberg.

Swing, Salsa, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Funk—and more! Fun to play!

For middle school and high school players on up!

The BRASS GROOVES series is designed to encourage young students to get involved in small ensembles, but the books have proven to be a lot more versatile.

COLLEGES — Perfect for student quintets to supplement the traditional repertoire; nice recital encores; especially effective on casual gigs. Ideal for faculty quintets on school concerts.

GIGGING QUINTETS — Play the charts down once or twice and they are good to go! Also great for background gigs…maybe even dancing!

COMMUNITY BANDS — Start a quintet within your band.  Play before, or within band concerts, or for other community events.

Brass Grooves Advanced.jpg
Brass Grooves Advanced
12 Compositions
Grade 3-4
Set Price $95.00

Includes CD and Score, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Drums, and Trombone/Baritone/ Trumpet 3 substitute for Horn

Brass Grooves Intermediate 

Victory March
Lazy Day
First Dance
Fly with Me
Movin' On
The Matador
Boogie Blues
Chillin' Out
Shake it Up
The Chase

Brass Grooves


01 Senor Salsa
02 Balloon Ride
03 Next Stop, Funksville
04 Basically Basie
05 Surfside
06 Swingtime
07 Heartland
08 Catwalk Blues
09 Island Holiday
10 The Hipster
11 Beyond The Clouds
12 Curtain Call

Woodwind PDF Parts available with purchase of original Brass Grooves.


All Brass Grooves music is also available on SmartMusic

Marble Surface

Wayne Bergeron, Yamaha Performing Artist • Concord Recording Artist • 

2004 Grammy Nominee

Great idea...Great charts...a nice crossover from concert band to jazz band and a cool way to get kids excited about playing in

small ensembles.


Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Vice President of Education for Conn-Selmer

Dallas Brass is onto something really special.  Along with gifted writer John Wasson they have created a valuable pedagogical contribution certain to be a popular addition to any music library. Brass Grooves is a win-win for all.


Dan Beich, Band Director
Moses Lake High School, Moses Lake, WA

Finally, a collection of program pieces that entertains the audience, challenges the individual student, and motivates student brass ensembles to work independently. Once my students had prepared one piece for a concert, they began planning to continue performing other pieces at future concerts and festivals!

Very cool.

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