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Involve MS and HS bands!

Dallas Brass invites band students to join them onstage at the evening performance. Typically a high school band and a middle school band, of approximately 100 students per ensemble, perform one piece each with Dallas Brass. Rehearsals with each group take place during the day.


Open to ALL band students

Dallas Brass offers tips on becoming better musicians, including discussion on practicing, breathing, and other subjects that apply to all instrumentalists.  Clinic includes performance of several selections and opportunity for student questions.

Evening Concert

YOUR band takes center stage!

American Musical Journey: A fun, fast-paced, and entertaining performance. Featuring music from the time of George Washington to the present day; great for the whole family!

I can say, without a doubt, that bringing in the Dallas Brass was the most exciting event of the year at my school! They do such a great job engaging the students and educating them on how music can be a part of their lives forever. I highly recommend this experience to any music educator who wants the best from his or her students.

Ian McKnight - Band Director St. Joseph Middle School, Appleton, WI

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