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We are excited to share our Dallas Brass Practice Challenge during the month of May with band students. Dallas Brass takes pride in helping our next generation of musicians and we trust that through the month of May we can help support these band students and build a sense of community across the nation. Each day we will post a new challenge with music and videos to help you along! The exercises are for ALL band instruments and designed for middle school and high school level players. As a bonus, those who use the hashtag #dbpractice or tag us on Instagram will be featured on our page! Look for daily posts for the ENTIRE month of May!  We can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the day-to-day information. 

DB Practice Challenge (5).png

May Practice Challenge Music Sheets

Practice Challenge Videos

Day 2 - Long Tones

Day 3 - Sunday Creations

Day 5 - Twinkle Twinkle

Day 6 - Minor Scales

Day 7 - Transposition Thursday

Day 10 - Sunday Creations

Day 11 - Major Scale Monday

Day 12 - Tuesday Tune: This Old Man

Day 13 - Midweek Minor

Day 15 - Friday Challenge

Day 17 - Sunday Creativity

Day 18 - Major Scale Monday

Day 19 - Tuesday Tune

Day 20 - Midweek Minor

Day 23 - Chromatic Scale

Day 24 - Sunday Creativity

Day 25 - Major Scale

Day 26 - Tuesday Tune

Day 27- Midweek Minor

Day 29- Friday Challenge

Day 30- Saturday Chromatics

Day 31 - Sunday Creation

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